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Keenan Chardonnay

When I think of California Chardonnay I immediately think of Keenan. It is one of the very few new world Chardonnays I drink on a regular basis. Being on Spring Mountain, the changing day to night temperatures effect the grape growing in a significant way. Most people assume a California Chardonnay has to taste like KJ or Rombauer. These are both extremely over manipulated wines. Sure Keenan has some oaky components but they by no means over power the wine. Since it is mountain fruit is has the crisp clean acidic profile of a medium body wine but the all the weight a Chardonnay needs. Its loaded with tropical and citrus fruits and is very refreshing. The view of the Chardonnay vineyards from Spring Mountain are breathtaking. If you visit Napa this is definitely a winery to see that is away from the valley floor. We’ve had Keenan Chardonnay on our by the glass list at Wine Dive for over a year now. Its one of our best sellers at $10/glass or $50/bottle.

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