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Biodynamic Cabernet Franc

There is a long history from Château Yvonne. It was once ran by monks starting in the 16th century. Today, it has been ran by Matthieu Vallée since 2007. Along with Chateau du Hureau, these are some of my favorite producers coming out of Saumur-Champigny. Château Yvonne has a total of 28 plots consisting of 3 hectares of Chenin Blanc and 8 hectares of Cabernet Franc. Matthieu is strict in the vineyard by farming organically (certified) and biodynamically. The 2015 “La Folie” is 100% Cabernet Franc from mostly old vines. Everything is done with little intervention in the vineyard and in the winery. Native yeast fermentation, aging in old oak barrels and bottling unfined and unfiltered. This wine is silky and spicy with a wonderful earthy-fruity balance. If you see any of Château Yvonne’s wines at a wine shop or restaurant, I recommend buying them up. They do not make a lot of wine and sometimes the rarity adds to the excitement of buying and drinking wine.

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