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Clos Windsbuhl

A historic vineyard from a historic domaine. Domaine Zind-Humbrecht notes that the first mention of the Windsbuhl vineyard dates back to 1324 when the Domaine was known as Erlach. The still standing Windsbuhl house was built in 1760. The vineyard has changed several hands throughout the centuries until 1987 when Zind Humbrecht bought the vineyard. Currently, Zind Humbrecht has 40 hectares in total vineyard holdings. Close Windsbuhl is about 15km north of Colmar in Alsace. The vineyard area covers 5.5 hectares of mostly Pinot Gris with Gewürztraminer and Riesling having some plots as well. There is also a tiny bit of Chardonnay and Pinot Auxerrois. The limestone soils, called Muschelkalk, are rich in clay and chalky rock which is unique to the rest of the commune. It is one of the last terriors to be ready for harvest for the Domaine due to the altitude (350m) and climate of the vineyard. The 1999 Gewurtztraminer is the result of the perfect terroir. It is extremely fresh and acidic with a more subtle classic lychee notes. Floral with a fragrant spice and candied orange peel. A wine that was built to last under the right storage conditions.

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