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I’m big on small production but there are exceptions. Comté has the highest production of all AOP cheeses in France. It accounts for about 26% of all French AOP cheeses. That being said, it all starts on the farm. Some are small, as the average herd is 48 cows. There are over 2600 farms producing milk to keep the Comté tradition alive and thriving. Some of the best cheeses that I have ever tasted were from 18-24+ month aged Comté. As it ages the flavor becomes more deep and concentrated. This a good argument for anyone debating if raw milk cheeses are superior or not. A classic wine pairing from the Jura region would be a Vin Jaune. If you don’t like oxidative wines look for a non oxidative white Chardonnay particularly from Arbois or Côtes du Jura. #comte #jura #laitcru

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