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Cuvée Sainte Anne

A delicious Champagne from the village of Merfy in Montagne de Reims. The history of the Taillet family growing grapes in this region dates back to 1683. Fast forward to today, Philippe Chartogne and his wife Elisabeth have had the family estate since 1978. Their son, Alexandre, joined the estate in 2006 after working with the iconic producer Anselme Selosse. They have 12 hectares of vineyards focusing on the different terroirs and producing micro cuvées. Through plowing and allowing cover crops they work organically in the vineyard creating a full focus on natural quality. This Cuvée Sainte Anne Brut is blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay. There is a touch of oak aging but it is well balanced. The main harvest was 2011 with a disgorgement date of June 2014. It is mineral driven with notes of of citrus, ginger, cherry and lilies. These wines age well and are crazy good. Definitely worth having multiples in your cellar.

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