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Historic Burgundy

There is so much history in Burgundy. It adds a special context to the wine you are enjoying if you know of its past. Clos des Lambrays in Morey-Saint-Denis dates back to the 14th century when it was ran by the Abbey of Cîteaux. As one can imagine, the parcels have been split up several times throughout the centuries. It is interesting to note that it did not receive Grand Cru status until 1981. Domaine des Lambrays has also been in many hands throughout the years. One of its more recent sales was in 1996 when the Algerian Saier family sold the Domaine to the Freund family. This 1997 bottling would technically be the 1st full vintage in control by the Freund family. The Domaine is currently owned by the LVMH group. What I love about aged red Burgundy (Pinot Noir 🍇) is how the fruit slowly goes away leading into more earthy, barnyardy aromas. This wine has all of that. Still plenty of red fruit but very well balanced by notes of wet leaves, horse stables, and mushrooms. One of those wines that you want to smell more often than taste. No wonder LVMH ended up buying the Domaine.

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