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Mikulski Aligoté

François Mikulski and his Burgundian wife Marie-Pierre started their domaine in 1992. They produce wine from several sites in the Côte de Beaune covering 10 hectares that utilize organic/biodynamic viticulture. Careful attention is used in the cellar and in the vineyard. Wines are fermented with natural yeast and aged in mostly old oak barrels. Their wines from Meursault are some of the purest expressions of the region. The character of the wine is truly shown without the over use of oak that you can get with some producers in Meursault. As with most top producers, I like to search out for their entry level wines. I would love to drink Meursault Permier Crus every day, but I do not. Their Bourgogne Aligoté comes from 2 plots in Meursault planted in 1929 and 1948. It sees no oak so it is light on its feet with a racing acidity. The citrus and floral notes make this an ideal pairing with seafood.

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