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Pouilly-Fumé Bio

Domaine du Bouchot is strictly a white wine producer in the Loire Valley. I first met Pascal and Rachel Kerbiquet at Millésime bio. Their wines were so alive and fresh. Some of the best Pouilly-Fumés I have ever tasted. I had to see more so I ended up visiting their winery in Saint-Andelain. Domaine du Bouchot is at the top of a hill with vineyards flowing down below it. It was an old farm that was converted in 1966. Being certified organic/biodynamic since 2004 they really focus on their terroir. This explains why they make 5 cuvées from different sites. 4 are Pouilly-Fumé (Sauvignon Blanc) and one stunning wine is made from the Chaesslas grape. Their largest production wine is the Cuvée Domaine du Bouchot. It comes from 11 hectares of Kimmeridgian marl soil. Definitely a classic Pouilly-Fumé with those flinty grassy notes bursting out of the glass. What surprised me the most was the length of the wine. It stays with you and encourages another sip. This was the same with all their cuvées. These wines are alive.

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