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Suze Apéritif

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Suze is a deliciously bitter French apéritif. It is something I regularly keep in my fridge to mix with cocktails or in this case, a simple tonic.

Suze has been around since the late 1800’s. It is flavored from the roots of the gentian plant. Some other French apéritifs like Lillet, are wine based. Suze is based from a neutral grain spirit (basically vodka) that has been macerated with the roots. It has strong herbal notes combined with citrus aromas. Bitter yet sweet.

At 20% alcohol Suze is delicious by itself over ice garnished with a lemon peel or slice. I also suggest trying it as a spritz. Suze recommends their “Suze Tonic” to be 1 parts Suze and 2 parts tonic served over ice. If you are not always in the mood for wine to be your apéritif, this style of French bitter aperitifs are worth seeking out.

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