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Parisian Starter

One of my favorite dishes I’ve had all year was at Les Enfants du Marche in Paris. Hard to describe because there was so much going on. The sauce was unreal. Just add some good bread for dipping.Wild mushrooms are the star here. So many other components make this happen with the yolk, rich sauce, fennel, etc. It was perfectly executed.

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A refreshing starter when getting ready to dig in at Les Enfants du Marche in Paris.

Alexandre Giquel is not just a winemaker. He is known for training horses to work in vineyards across France. His wines, like his horses, are alive. With finesse and razor sharp acidity, they are what I prefer stylistically in a Vouvray. Alexandre is just getting started with his own label. Other than his namesake label, he has another wine project called Huit-Launay. I look forward to tasting more of his vibrant wines in the future.

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