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Classic Chablis

Always a special treat. René and Vincent Dauvissat is arguably one of the greatest Chardonnay producers in the world. These wines have an incredible depth to them that are rarely surpassed. What sets these wines apart is their traditional style of winemaking combined with an insane lineup of Premier Cru and Grand Cru sites in Chablis. Oak is used but not in a over the top buttery sense.

The barrels are 6-8 years old adding a rich texture and softening that classic Chablis austerity. Balance and complexity are always prevalent. Their Premier Cru “La Forest” site has the ability to drink as well and sometimes even better than a Grand Cru. With old vines and the Kimmeridgian soil seen around the Grand Crus, this wine has a richness and texture that will stay with you. It is one of those wines that I will never forget what it tastes and feels like. Dauvissat’s wines are rare and I highly recommend buying a bottle if you have an opportunity to.

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