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Winter White Wine

As the temperatures drop, I look to starting my evening with more savory whites vs. crisp patio pounders. Whites from the south of France always come to mind. They have a rich, floral, and tropical component that reminds me that the summer will be back soon enough. Domaine Tempier is one of the more sought after producers in Provence. Their red and rose wines made predominantly from Mourvèdre 🍇 is what the Peyraud family from Domaine Tempier are known for. They age well and even the rosé benefits from some age. If I were to put a top 10 of the best wines I have ever tasted, at least 2 of them would be old Tempier red wines.By far the Peyrauds smallest production style is white. A small portion of their land is devoted to this luscious organic blend of Clairette, Ugni Blanc, Bourboulenc, and Marsanne. The wine is aged in old oak barrels which adds to its silky texture. Rich with scents of fresh lemon and apricot this brings me back to warmer days.

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