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Wine Dive Honors

I received an email from Opentable asking me to send in a picture of my restaurant, Wine Dive:“As you may know, Wine Dive has won a 2014 Diners’ Choice Award for Top 100 Wine Lists in America. The awards will be announced on Wednesday, October 15th at 8:30AM EST. Please ask the restaurants to keep this information confidential until then.USA Today is doing an exclusive on the awards and has requested a photo of the restaurant. Would you be so kind as to provide one ASAP? (600 x 800 minimum – the bigger the better, of course!). Their deadline is this afternoon!"

It was at 9:30am and in a hurry I grabbed my camera and tripod and rushed to the Wine Dive. I snapped a couple picks and sent one off. Literally the next day the article came out. I couldn’t believe it! Since they notified us so late there were only about 6 other restaurant pictures posted on the article.

I was a pretty cool deal to be published in the USA Today and highlighted in the article as well. Following up this, the Wichita Eagle also published something about it and did a little interview with me speaking about wine:

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