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Cellier des Cray Roussanne

The tiny estate, Cellier des Cray,

has been run by Adrien Berlioz since 2006. Adrien has a large selection of grape varieties on 13 different parcels in the Chignin region of Savoie. He farms organically and uses some biodynamic treatments as well. Harvest is done by hand and minimal sulfur is used in the winery. Adrien lets his wines ferment out to complete dryness. Something I am a fan of. Savoie is one region that knowing your producer is paramount. The wines can be sweet or dry. They can also be fully oxidative, partially oxidative or not oxidative at all. It is difficult to tell by the label. Research is key. The ‘Euphrasie’ (all of Adrien’s cuvées are named after an ancestor) is from 100% Roussanne. The vines are grown on stony limestone scree. In the cellar he ferments in stainless steel and then moves the wine into acacia barres for 6-8 months. Sometimes Roussanne can be too rich and over the top for me. This wine has none of those qualities. It is very fresh, acidic and lively. I had it before the start of a meal and it was the perfect aperitif.

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