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Domaine Ratte

Domaine Ratte from Arbois in the Jura produces wines that are pure and true to the terroir of the Jura. Michel-Henri and Françoise Ratte have 9 hectares of biodynamically farmed vineyards consisting of the traditional Jura grape varieties: Trousseau, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Poulsard etc. In the winery they are also hands off doing basically nothing to the wine other than the use of some old Burgundian barrels depending on the wine. The Arbois Chardonnay is everything I want out of a Jura Chardonnay. Light on the palate with plenty of acid to get those taste buds going. It has some fresh tropical fruit notes with a equally pleasant minerality. The oxidative styles of whites in the Jura definitely have their place but I enjoy this fresher style more often.

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