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Iconic Chenin

The iconic Domaine Huët. Tasting #Chenin Blanc from Hüet is an experience. The vineyard of Clos du Bourg along with Le Mont are considered the “grand crus” of Vouvray. These wines are complex with so much depth and age-worthiness. In its infancy, the Demi-Sec (Semi-Sweet) is fresh, rich and vibrant. Great with spicy foods. You really notice the sweetness. After several years in the bottle the wine evolves into something completely different. The tropical fruit notes are more subdued and nutty/floral notes take over. The sweetness is there but it’s more complimentary. Everything is in harmony.

I did not eat anything with the 1995. It was one of those wines you just want to swirl, sniff and repeat. Take a sip here and there but savor every bit of it.

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