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Matthieu Barret | Cornas

There is so much to say about Matthieu Barret and his wines that an Instagram won’t do it justice. After visiting the domaine a couple times recently I am more drawn to his unconventional Rhône wines. “I prefer to live, like my wines.” His mantra backs up what he does in the vineyard and in the cellar: Biodynamic viticulture and hands off winemaking.

Matthieu is a 7th generation vigneron starting with the family winery in Cornas in 1997. At that time the domaine was fairly standard with the use of oak barrels and machines in the vineyards. Everything has been revamped starting with the use of organic/biodynamic viticulture and creating an entire ecosystem around their land. Horses and backbreaking labor have replaced machines in the vineyard. Currently in the cellar you, will find very little oak barrels. Mostly concrete and clay amphorae. Extremely rare for Cornas and the Northern Rhône.

All this work backs up what is in the glass: fresh, complex, unadulterated Syrah. These wines are so easy to drink right out of the bottle. Another rarity for Cornas wines which don’t really express themselves in their youth. Matthieu makes more than just Cornas. I tasted through a Côtés du Rhône rouge and blanc (Bear label), Côte Rôtie, Crozes-Hermitage and my personal favorite that is called No Wines Land. The No Wines Land vineyard is situated between Cornas and Saint Joseph and has no AOP appellation. All these wines are definitely worth seeking out as they are becoming more and more rare to get your hands on. If you think Syrah is a winter wine, put a little chill on these and it will change your mind. #cornas#syrah

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