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Pineau d'Aunis

Have you ever tasted a wine from the Pineau d'Aunis grape? This ancient red grape that is indigenous to the Loire Valley is not well known. Pineau d'Aunis used to be fairly widespread but since the vineyards were destroyed by phylloxera it was not as widely replanted. Another name for it is Chenin Noir, but it has no relation to Chenin Blanc. These wines are acidic, peppery, light and surprisingly have some tannins. A French baby Nebbiolo was a descriptor I used when tasting this wine. Jean-Marie Renvoisé makes this delicious every day sipper from a 1.5 hectare plot of Pineau d'Aunis in the Coteaux du Loir region. He uses only wild yeasts, old oak casks and very hands off winemaking. The wine is spicy, low in alcohol and light on its feet. Perfect for a charcuterie board. With the rise of global warming it makes me wonder if these low potential alcohol ancient varietals will see a renaissance.

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